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We build financial tools to make help e-Commerce sellers with their day to day business. With these tools you are always compliant and have deep insight into your data.

Amazon VAT Engine

Sales Tax Automation

Sales Tax is a recurring issue for online sellers. Even if you have outsourced your tax calculation to another party, manual data transfers are recurring monthly. Next to this, the tax calculated is often not automatically checked for mistakes! Our taxing engine will validate or calculate your sales taxes, dependant on your needs. It is as easy as connecting to your favorite sales channels and immediately see how much taxes you are due throughout Europe!

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Amazon Auditable

Transparant and complete

Audits from tax authorities or other governmental bodies can be very frustrating. It often involves manually collecting all kinds of reports and data from multiple sources. We gather all necessary data automatically and present it in a way that is completely verifiable and transparant. This also speeds up the lengthy process of audits, in which sellers are sometimes unable to sell on certain marketplaces, which can prevent a significant drop in revenue.

Sales velocity on Amazon

Increase efficiency and profit on Amazon

Increase efficiency and profit on Amazon Calculating the turnover rate is very important for the Amazon seller. They can thus increase their efficiency and profit.