Participate in FBA Commingling Program
If you participate in the FBA Commingling Program, products from your inventory at Amazon can be exchanged with identical products owned by Amazon Retail or another FBA retailer who is also participating in this program.

When an order is fulfilled with an exchanged product, a purchase is created from another FBA seller.
This means that you have to pay VAT on this. You return this product to another EU Fulfilment centre of Amazon.
Then this means that you sell the product in that other EU country and receive VAT.
For example: you buy in Germany in (Buy) at the 19% VAT rate and deliver it back (Sell) in Poland and therefore receive 23% VAT.

These sales are difficult to find in Amazon

You have to look for:
"Commingling_Sell": VAT payable in respect of the sale of a product to another FBA (or Amazon Retail) seller participating in the Commingling Program.
"Commingling_Buy": Enter VAT related to the purchase of a product from another FBA (or Amazon Retail) vendor participating in the Commingling Program. "

VAT settlement by Marketphase transparent
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