ICS Tool Amazon (Intra-Community Supply)

ICS Tool Amazon (Intra-Community Supply)
An ICS, or an intra-Community sale (delivery),
means that a seller sells a product to a VAT-liable buyer within the EU.

This delivery is taxed at 0% VAT.

As a seller you must be able to demonstrate to the tax authorities that:
• The buying party (B2B only) has a valid VAT number (VIES check)
• VIES check means that you check whether the foreign VAT number of the buying company is valid. This can be done on the VIES website of the European Commission. You must also record this check in your own administration system
• You must also indicate by whom these sold goods were transported. In other words: who is the carrier, the postal service or parcel service?
And with which track and trace number can this shipment be proven?
• On what day were these sold goods received by the buyer?

This is a lot of research and takes a lot of time, but Marketphase will solve it all for you quickly!
With the help of Marketphase's ICS Tool Amazon, these conditions of the tax authorities are clearly recorded.

Market phase ICS declaration
• Within a few minutes you can prepare ICS overviews of the returns for the various tax authorities.
• With the Marketphase Tool you as a seller have an 'ICS declaration overview' in an Excel export.
• With our VAT number check, you are also assured that the declaration is correct.
• This not only saves you lots of time, but you also reduces the risk of fines

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