Pan-European FBA Check

Pan-European FBA Check

Check VAT number obligation

As a company, you need a VAT number in every EU country where your own goods are placed in an Amazon Fulfilment (FBA).

If you activate the 'Pan-European FBA' button in Amazon, this means that your goods will be stored at Amazon in various European countries.

Please note: at that time you must have a VAT number for those European countries! Amazon does not monitor this. It means that Amazon sends goods to Fulfilment centres in other EU countries for which you may not have a VAT number yourself.

In the absence of a VAT number, you run the risk of a fine and an additional VAT assessment from the tax authorities.

Lower shipping costs
Amazon offers lower shipping costs as soon as you turn on the 'PAN-EUROPEAN' button.
You do not realize that the stock will end up in several European countries.

In which countries is my stock located?
Marketphase checks for you in which countries stock is held and whether you meet these VAT number (s). Marketphase checks this VAT number requirement and makes this transparent.

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