The Story of Amazon

Sellers on Amazon, do you recognize this?
As a motivated and driven platform entrepreneur you have everything neatly arranged on Amazon. You sell your products in more and more countries, the turnover is growing,
VAT and VAT numbers of European countries are neatly applied for, you comply with all tax rules.

You are convinced that you are well supported by the correct data from Amazon and the knowledge of Avalara.

In short: you think you have your administration and the 'online selling compliance check' in order!

Until… oops… problem!
• You suddenly receive an email from the tax authorities for the 'online selling compliance check' ...
• You spend a lot of time answering all kinds of questions from the tax authorities ...
• There appears to be no complete insight into the required data from Amazon ...
• You realize that a VAT CONTROL FRAME WORK is missing ...
• The desired support from Avalara is not provided ...
• And you ultimately have to pay a hefty fine and can no longer sell your products on Amazon for a while. ...

And that happens to you 'just like that' while you knew for sure that things were all well organized! This problem happened to us

**Could this be prevented and… **.if this unfortunately happened to you, what is the correct solution?

For us it was unfortunately too late at the time, but we have been looking for solutions for a long time and for the coming checks we have found a perfect solution and answer, namely: Marketphase!

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