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More sales through Amazon invoice service
If you use the Amazon invoice service, you will get a higher ranking in the Amazon search results. As a result more sales.

Amazon offers the lowest fees for its FBA program only if you process your products via warehouses abroad. However, this cross-border use of warehouses causes major VAT-related issues for sellers.

Cross-border warehousing and VAT
Even if you only ship one single product to a warehouse outside your home country, you’ll need to tax register in the respective country you’re delivering to and regularly submit preliminary VAT returns and often also other reports. These obligations start with the first product you ship, no matter how low the value of this item might be.

With the help of the Marketphase VAT check, all shipments are transparent and verifiable.

  • Because Amazon will send the invoice for you, you must be able to check whether this is correct with the correct VAT.I
  • If Amazon creates invoices for you without VAT or charges too low a VAT amount, you will suffer a loss.
  • You can check and prevent this using the Marketphase VAT check.

Marketphase prevent
When selling to a private individual without VAT, this error is indicated in Marketphase and you can correct the VAT code in the Amazon system for future sales. This prevents additional assessments by the tax authorities.

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